Friday, March 6, 2009

On a different note....

I meant to do this when I put it up, but procrastination took place so I'll do it now...

I have a new masthead! It's pretty freaking sweet too...

All credit goes to "Avery", I'm not sure why she wants be called this, but call her this I shall.

I sat and stared at my computer for hours trying to think of something original and "me". It took Avery all of 30 seconds to pull up images of "damask" which is so perfectly and utterly me at the moment. 

She did this while simultaneously cooking dinner, doing her taxes, walking the dog and writing a novel that rivals War & Peace for length. Just kidding...but seriously this girl does not understand the meaning of "single-tasking". She is EXHAUSTING to even watch, especially for disorganized procrastinators. 

It's amazing I haven't developed a complex from being surrounded by type "A" personalities.

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