Friday, March 6, 2009

No Apologies

Today is awesome. It is finally almost acceptably warm outside.

There's something about warm weather that makes me want to cut all ties and just skip and dance in the middle of a nice meadow a la sound of music. 

I want to be free. 

I'm not sure about right and wrong anymore. 

Let's say you have this couch and when you bought it, it was like "I am going to have this thing forever!" it wasn't the cutting edge of design, but it was very supportive, ergonomically correct and quietly simple and wonderful. Sure, you had to change the decor a little to make it fit but it worked and it was the comfiest thing in the world to sleep on. 

Then one day you look at that room and go "this just isn't me".  You want to make some changes, but godamnit that couch just might not fit in with everything anymore. I mean, it's been there for you for years and now you want to leave it on the street for the scavengers? I mean, you can try to re-upholster but it's still the same couch underneath and it does NOT like to change.

So you're stuck in decorating limbo, fearful of making the wrong changes because that couch is still really, really good........when you see this other couch. It's a little more abstract and quirky, but it is just so you. At first, you completely write it off because it would not fit as'd have to repaint and possibly move walls for it to work. So you go back to the ergonomically correct couch and curl up on it with a book, satisfied that this is the couch for you. 

But somehow you just keeping thinking about this other start going to the showroom once a week just to look at it and imagine how good the room would look with this couch.

This entry makes absolutely NO SENSE.

I'm going for caffeine and then I'm going to write this without any couch analogies.

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  1. ...or you could buy a new couch. ;)