Friday, February 13, 2009

Because I mean exactly what I don't say

I wasn't sure how to start this off, since I may be the only one reading this it seems a little silly to introduce me to myself. I think, however, that may be the point of this blog. So instead, I'm going to just start writing and see what happens...

I was watching and episode of SATC with a friend of mine the other day and in the episode there's this scene where the girls are having drinks and talking about who they've masturbated to over the years, which of course necessitates L turning to me and asking:

"So who do you masturbate to?"
I'm beginning to think we will never go an entire hour together without discussing sex....that's likely why I see her more than my boyfriend.

"I can't do it with anyone that I know and haven't slept with. It's do I look them in the face afterwards without thinking 'I've pictured you buck naked, doing some really kinky shit with me and I'm really hoping you can't read minds'". 

"I KNOW!....I can't even do it with celebrities, it just feels wrong somehow."

"What about Christian Bale?"

" know sometimes it's better because it's so wrong".

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  1. I can too go an hour without talking about sex......I think.