Wednesday, February 25, 2009


You sounded so nervous. Could you really be intimidated by little ol' me?

Wish I could have said yes....

Is there a hallmark card for: "I think you're awesome and if I were single I would potentially be interested in you, but as I'm currently in a serious relationship I can't really do things with you that could be misconstrued as a date because I wouldn't want to lead you on but I'd really like to be friends if you're ok with that, unless of course you have no interest in me except as a friend and I've just misinterpreted the signals in which case I apologize for sending you this completely unnecessary card and really I don't find you that attractive I was just mostly saying that because I wanted to be nice about this whole thing. Which doesn't mean that I wouldn't date I totally would! Oh God...."

Now that's a greeting card I'd shell out $5.99 for.

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